About Us

Summit Scaffolding

Summit Scaffolding is a young, fresh and ambitious company looking to build up an impressive client base and to have a solid portfolio of customers that will be sustainable for the years ahead.

Currently employing a team of  over thirty people, we take our responsibility as an employer seriously and we realise that a sizeable number of people and their families across the Country have put their trust in us as a quality and long-term employer

At Summit Scaffolding we pride ourselves on our wealth of  ‘hands on’ experience and knowledge in all aspects of scaffolding. We know all the highs and lows of the trade. Having started from the bottom and now aiming for the pinnacle, we are determined to rank as one of the TOP Scaffolding companies in the country.


Our Future

Summit Scaffolding has recently purchased a considerable quantity of galvanised cup lock and tube and fitting scaffolding. We view this as an investment in our (and all of our employees) future. Having taken the bold decision to purchase high quality galvanised scaffolding instead of short term. We know that our kit will stand the test of time and will enhance any site that we work on and provide you, as our client, with a high level of professionalism and safety.

We are, real scaffolders who employ scaffolders

Our Mission

Summit Scaffolding provide excellence in safety and service
whilst building a sustainable relationship with our clients for the future.”

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